You may be so used to the usual pedestrian ideas to lose weight and if so are probably hungry for something slightly different to help shed the pounds. Let’s face it, some diets often fail badly because we get bored and feel as though we are living in a straight jacket. So with that in mind here are 12 unusual ways to help you lose weight and keep it off for the long haul.

1. Eat in front of your ‘fat’ photo

Find your most dreaded fat photo and let it motivate you away from a life of fat. As you eat your meal be proud of eating more slowly and leaving food on your plate as you look at the photo in front of you. Let it remind you that the days of looking like you do in that photo have gone for good because fat in your life really is old news.

2. Smell your food before diving in

It’s said that we eat with our eyes as well as our stomachs, but we also eat with our noses. Studies have found that the stronger the food smells, the smaller the bite a woman takes and the overall amount she eats. Since, scent plays a key role in satisfaction, take a moment or two to smell your food before you dive in, and add aromatic seasonings to meals, like fresh ginger, basil, cinnamon, or rosemary, to enhance the sensory experience.

3. Put warning signs around the house

Create warning signs that read ‘FAT OFF’ and place them in the danger zones such as by the fridge, close to the junk food goodies in the kitchen, and also in the car as many often nibble away as they drive. Let these warning signs motivate you to be proud of not diving into eating too much.

4. Visit your closet three times a day

Deliberately visit the closet three times daily and touch the clothes you want to be wearing. As you do this let it elevate your motivation to eat less, eat better and move more. Feel the excitement as you begin imagining yourself slipping into your favourite outfit that you see hung up.

5. Plan how and who to flirt with

As you lose weight your confidence to flirt more will increase. Think about who you will be flirting with and how good you will feel as you look into the admiring eyes around you having lost the unwanted weight. Remember you can tease even if you can’t touch!

6. Carry a warning alarm

If you are worried you might cave in to eating too much then carry your own warning alarm such as a small bell or a certain ring tone you can activate on your phone. As soon as you are tempted to eat when you shouldn’t, simply activate your warning alarm to help your thought process move from impulsive eating to firm control. The alarm will help to condition your mind to eat less and eat better.

7. Spread the weight loss gospel

It may sound odd but start telling friends and family about how easy it is to lose weight, and make sure you are massively excited and enthused as you do so. In doing this you are planting inner suggestions into your own mind that you are finding weight loss a cinch at the same time as enjoying it rather than it being a chore.

8. Study fat people

Deliberately start observing fat people’s habits and let it motivate you to do the reverse. Observe what they eat, how much they eat and the speed at which they eat. Remember to judge the habit and not the person.

9. Weigh yourself everyday

Most may tell you to weigh yourself once a week, however if you are in need of some discipline then weigh in daily. As you weigh in and see the readings on the scales going south, deliberately have a celebratory routine. For example you may immediately play your favourite tune, high five your partner, or even dance about with the dog. Keep it all super positive!

10. Start talking to the food

To help gain control over food start talking to it. Tell it that you are now the boss and because of that you are now eating less and eating better. If food happens to tease you mentally, tell it to ‘FAT OFF’. Then immediately smile, stand tall, and once again affirm the control you have over food.

11. Throw a party for yourself

Once a month as you lose weight spend a day just on you. Be sure to spend it with yourself and have a series of indulgent moments pre planned. For example you might decide to have a makeover during the day, treat yourself to a glass of champagne in the afternoon, buy a new item of clothing, and finish off by spending the evening with your head in a book.

12. Take a Keto Diet Challenge

If losing weight has been a struggle for you in the past, and you need more structure and discipline to lose weight, then consider kickstarting your weight loss journey with the 28-Day Keto Challenge. The  28-Day Keto Challenge promises to help you lose up to 20 pounds in as little as 28 days—the best thing with this program is that it only has a few smart, easy-to-follow guidelines—for the laziest of lazy people—and they are most effective for superior results. The 28-Day Keto Challenge helps you make changes you can sustain for life so all the weight you lose is for good.

The 28-Day Keto Challenge has produced amazing results for thousands of women, some losing as many as 25 pounds in the 2 week period, and it does it without millions of rules.