If I could show you how to ‘shortcut’ your way to looking & feeling many years younger… without expensive creams, injections or risky surgery—would you be interested?

If you answered “yes”, then read on, because in this article you’ll discover you how science has proven that you can do just that.

This is the exact secret I’ve been using to age much slower than my female friends.

Now, before I let you in on 3 of my most powerful “shortcuts”, let me quickly share my story of how it all started…

A startling discovery

I made this discovery more than 15 years ago – way before I became a natural health therapist and author – while attempting to deal with my own issues, which included ILL HEALTH, WRINKLES (that were starting to develop just a little too early) and the absolute worst imaginable case of ECZEMA.

I felt unattractive and old.

I tried everything there was to try…pills, diets, prescription creams, you name it… but NOTHING worked.

I soon realized that if I was to ever find a solution to my problems, I was going to have to do it MYSELF.


After months of digging into the literature, studying ancient wisdom and looking into 100’s and 100’s of trusted, peer-reviewed studies from some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, I noticed something very DISTURBING…

…Many of the things we women THINK are helping us look and feel young are actually doing the exact OPPOSITE — they are making us age faster.

For instance, most women are unaware of the fact that a lot of the so-called “health foods” on the market today are nothing but cleverly disguised JUNK FOODS.

But that’s just ONE example (I’ll share a few more in just a minute).

LIES and more LIES

I soon found that what we’re being told by the mainstream media about health and aging isn’t only confusing and full of conflicting information… in most cases it’s just plain WRONG.

First I got really angry: ”Why are they LYING to us?”

But then I realized that they’re being FED this information by greedy corporations that are influencing news articles and funding ‘fake studies’ designed to KEEP people like you and me from discovering the TRUTH…

… so they can keep selling you their ridiculous beauty gadgets, “miracle creams” and “magic bullets”…

This made me even more upset… but I was also getting closer to a major breakthrough.

I stumbled upon a formula

I felt intuitively that I was onto something BIG… so I turned back to the only sources of information I could trust: ancient wisdom, common sense, and evidence-based peer-reviewed studies…

I was on a mission to uncover all the major MYTHS and LIES responsible for accelerating my aging.

To cut a long story short, I DID find what I was looking for, and I eventually CURED my skin problems and stopped the damage I was doing to myself.

But it didn’t end there…

Not only did I find out exactly what I was doing wrong… but for each LIE I was able to uncover, I also discovered exactly what to do INSTEAD – simple, ‘hidden’ tricks and tweaks with remarkable youth-enhancing benefits.

These are strategies that have always worked, and have been proven by science (including new breakthrough studies), but have been kept under wraps by these mega-corporations because they cannot profit off of them.

What I found was an amazing secret to quickly ‘shortcutting’ my way from aging way too fast to aging much slower than 99% of women.


I was shocked by the results

As I started “tweaking” my life based on these new discoveries, I was able to slow my aging down to a crawl, and yes, even REVERSE many of the tell-tale signs of aging to the point where I was looking and feeling YEARS younger.

NEXT: 3 “Shortcuts” You Can Implement TODAY to Start Looking and Feeling Years Younger…

Below you’ll see THREE of my most powerful ‘secrets’, simple tricks and tweaks you can begin using right away to slow down your rate of aging and start looking younger.

SHORTCUT #1: STOP doing slow, boring cardio (do THIS instead)

Have you ever wondered why sprinters often look like fitness models while most marathon runners look gaunt, scrawny and just plain OLD?

This is no accident…

If you’re one of the MILLIONS of women who are spending hours each week on the treadmill or spinning classes thinking it will help you burn fat, be healthier and look younger…



Studies now show that these types of slow, extended cardio sessions not only ruin your body’s ability to burn fat by suppressing your fat burning hormones, but they actually make you age faster.

However, doing short bursts of high-intensity exercise, like sprinting on the beach or on an exercise bike, has been shown to do the exact OPPOSITE.

This type of training has not only been shown to burn up to 450% more fat than slow and boring cardio; it also BOOSTS your body’s production of what many people call the “Fountain Of Youth Hormone” by up to 530%!

This hormone not only helps your body burn fat and build muscle at the same time, it even helps thicken your hair and skin, which is why taking it in a synthetic form is an increasingly popular anti-aging strategy among people in Hollywood.

How to implement this shortcut: Simply replace your long cardio sessions with much shorter 10-20 minute, interval-style workouts where you work on a very high intensity for 20-30 seconds and then rest for 60 seconds before going at it again. Repeat up to 10 times.

This one little tweak alone will not only save you tons of time, but when you switch from AGE-ACCELERATING cardio to this type of YOUTH-ENHANCING training, your body will transform to the point where you look years younger in just a couple of months. Isn’t that amazing?

TWEAK #2: Don’t eat the recommended ‘5-6 meals a day’ (do THIS instead)

Contrary to what most women believe and what the mainstream media is telling us, skipping meals is NOT unhealthy.

Yet, mainstream media would like us to believe that if we are not stuffing our faces with something every three hours, we’re in deep trouble and our metabolism is going to completely SHUT DOWN.


This is a MYTH based on a misunderstanding of the underlying science. Women who believe it are allowing constantly high blood-sugar levels to accelerate aging in their bodies.

On the other hand, fasting for short and irregular periods of time (known as ‘intermittent fasting’) has been practiced for THOUSANDS of years and is one of the most powerful anti-aging strategies available, because it enhances cellular rejuvenation, ELIMINATES cravings, promotes weight loss, balances blood sugar levels, helps detoxify the body of toxins, and much more.

How to implement this tweak: For a simple way to to take advantage of the amazing benefits of fasting, simply have your last meal at 6pm and skip breakfast the next day.

It’s not uncommon to see remarkable changes in how you look and feel within WEEKS of “tweaking your eating” in this way. But my favorite part is still the major stress-relief you’ll experience when you realize that skipping a meal isn’t only NOT bad for you – it’s keeping you YOUNG!

SHORTCUT #3: STOP Believing the LIES and Decide Now to Believe The Truth instead

This is more of a change in mindset than anything.

Yet, it’s THE most important change you can make… and it’s a crucial step to take before I can share more of my secrets with you.


Why? Because NOT making this change is what’s KEEPING 9 out of 10 women from discovering the TRUTH about aging, and it’s silently making them age faster.

We see this everywhere… just look around you. When was the last time you saw a woman who is aging “gracefully”?

Right. They’re few and far between.

But hey, YOU can be one of those lucky few, but ONLY if you keep an open mind and stop allowing yourself to be deceived.

As you have just learned on the previous two pages, the status quo simply isn’t working. Women are foolishly relying on the mainstream media to tell them how to be healthy and stay young

BUT – as you now know – it’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make because its message is influenced by global conglomerates whose agenda is to sell you their stuff, not for you to know the TRUTH.

If you’ve ever felt that your best days are behind you and thought to yourself: “Ok, now it’s just downhill from here”– then what you’re about to discover will change your life, because…

The Real Magic Happens When You Discover ALL of My Most Powerful Secrets

As a Natural Health Consultant and anti-aging expert, I study anti-aging literature and analyze complicated clinical trials for a living.This is great news for you, because it means that you can receive the benefits of my work, without putting in any of the time, effort or expense.

But the good news doesn’t stop there because…

On the NEXT PAGE you will discover the following…

  1. The dirty little tricks that greedy billion-dollar corporations use to keep you from discovering these secrets…
  2. My brand-new report called “Natural Anti-Aging Shortcuts” where I have condensed ALL of my most powerful secrets into a quick and easy-to-consume format. This is the system I now share  with my clients – women just like you who are now experiencing the incredible youth-enhancing benefits of these solutions first-hand.
  3. How the cumulative effect of these simple little “tweaks” make this system much more powerful than the sum of its parts.
  4. And how these secrets will give you a REAL “unfair advantage” over other women.

WARNING: This is NOT for Everyone

If you’re not willing to open your mind to the fact that you’re being LIED to and aging much faster than necessary as a result, then The Natural Anti-Aging Shortcuts System™ is simply not for you.

Also…. even though they’re called “shortcuts”, these strategies DO require you to take action and make certain changes in your life. So if that sounds too hard for you, this is NOT for you.

But if you’re the type of person who’s willing and ready to put in just a little of effort in exchange for genuinely life-changing results, then go ahead ad click through to the NEXT PAGE …. where I’ll let you in on the specifics of this revolutionary anti-aging blueprint and how you can get started in less than 20 minutes from now.