One of the problems with arthritis is that because it limits people’s mobility, they move less and are therefore at increased risk of weight gain.

This often leads to severe disability.

So, the obvious solution is to lose weight. Right?

Not so fast, says a new study recently published in the journal Arthritis Care & Research.This study investigated the link between weight and disability due to arthritis.

At the beginning of the study, researchers expected to find that the most obese people were the most likely to suffer from arthritis that was related disability. They assumed that weight loss would be an effective treatment to halt the development of this disease.

They analyzed the medical data of 23,323 people with rheumatoid arthritis in the National Data Bank of Rheumatic Diseases, and of 1,697 arthritis sufferers in the Veterans Affairs RA registry.

Disability was measured according to the participant’s responses on the health assessment questionnaire.

When their details were first entered into these databases, it was found that those people who were obese would be substantially more likely than those who were overweight to suffer from arthritis-related disability.

In subsequent years, it was found that those who were obese were also much more likely than those who were overweight to develop such disabilities.

Where the study became surprising, however, was with the role of weight loss.

If obesity is the problem, then weight loss is the solution. Right?


Oddly enough, those who shed their weight did not benefit at all, and still experienced an increased risk of disability compared with people who were never obese or overweight to start off with.

The reason is that if you don’t reverse your arthritis (and the traditional medical system has no idea how), you can’t get your mobility back even if you lose weight.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to reverse arthritis naturally using the 3 steps found here…

The study also shows that it is important to lose weight before you experience too much disability.

The problem is that most diets and workouts don’t work because they ignore the “third element of weight loss.” I’ll explain this third element here and show you how to use it to put your weight loss on autopilot…

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