Author: Kelly Adams

The Diabetes Conspiracy: How Big Pharma Plans to Rob You, and Then Kill You

Table of Content THE DIABETES CONSPIRACYINTRODUCTIONTHE CONSPIRACYTHE COST OF DIABETESKILLER  DIABETES DRUG: ORINASEKILLER DIABETES DRUG: REZULINKILLER DIABETES DRUG: AVANDIADO YOU REALLY NEED A DIABETES DRUG?DO YOU REALLY NEED A DIABETES DRUG? THE DIABETES CONSPIRACYINTRODUCTIONIf you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes (or even prediabetes), chances are, your doctor would have recommended that you start on a drug regimen immediately.Your doctor might have sold you on the idea that a drug regimen allows you to live a “normal” life where you won’t ever have to make any compromises, like changing your lifestyle, or going on a restrictive diet. You won’t ever have to...

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How to Cleanse your Lungs in 7 days

Did you know smoking a pack of cigarettes everyday for a year, will put as much as 1 cup of tar in your lungs? Smoking is a common problem, and many people suffer from this unhealthy habit, due to the nicotine boost it provides to the brain. However, regular smoking can cause various chronic and deadly diseases, such as cancer, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and bronchitis. Of all organs, Lungs are the most severely impacted and damaged by smoking. Today we are going to learn, how to cleanse our lungs in 1 week using natural ways, and evade the...

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