Author: Kelly Adams

The Diabetes Conspiracy: How Big Pharma Plans to Rob You, and Then Kill You

Table of Content THE DIABETES CONSPIRACYINTRODUCTIONTHE CONSPIRACYTHE COST OF DIABETESKILLER  DIABETES DRUG: ORINASEKILLER DIABETES DRUG: REZULINKILLER DIABETES DRUG: AVANDIADO YOU REALLY NEED A DIABETES DRUG?DO YOU REALLY NEED A DIABETES DRUG? THE DIABETES CONSPIRACYINTRODUCTIONIf you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes (or even prediabetes), chances are, your doctor would have recommended that you start on a drug regimen immediately.Your doctor might have sold you on the idea that a drug regimen allows you to live a “normal” life where you won’t ever have to make any compromises, like changing your lifestyle, or going on a restrictive diet. You won’t ever have to...

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