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Category: WELLNESS

7 Ways To Boost Longevity

What if small lifestyle changes can help you live 5 or 10 years more? Spend more time with your loved ones, by simply adhering to the principles of longevity. Will you be interested? … then read on

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Transcendental Meditation And Women’s Health

More and more women are looking to improve their health and wellness and with the use of all natural methods. There is no doubt that using ancient practices that promote peace, calm and good health can benefit most any of us living in today’s modern, hectic, tech based world.

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8 Common Myths About Menopause Debunked

Myths about menopause including weight gain, decreased sex drive, and the idea that everyone gets hot flashes. There is surprisingly little accurate information out there about the menopause. Find out the truth behind 8 common menopause myths.

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5 Essential Oils for Calm and Balance

Essential oils are an exceptional, natural way to extinguish feelings of chaos while restoring the spirit of calm. Essential oils can have a positive effect on our body, stimulating the release of certain chemicals in our brain while also stimulating other parts of our central nervous system.

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3 Ways To Hide “Lumpy Legs”

According to the American Journal of Dermatology 90% of women suffer with “lumpy legs”… I’m talking about ugly cellulite. Dimples on the butt, thighs and hips. Lets learn how to reverse and Orange Peel Skin in 28 days or less.

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