Guest Post by World-Renowned Women’s Weight Loss Expert and Creator of The Beta Switch System

~ Sue Heintze

Are your Current Workouts Making Your Body Store MORE Fat On Your Thighs, Hips, Butt and Back of Your Arms?

Did you know that following the common workout advice exposed in this article — or simply working out too much or too hard— actually snatches fat from one part of your body and just stores it on another?

And that your body naturally takes the fat from the areas that are easiest to lose, and restores it on your most stubborn and embarrassing trouble spots?

You May Be Re-Storing Your Fat

For women, this usually means frustrating fat on your thighs, bum, hips and even the backs of your arms. And if you’re like most women who I’ve helped… Up until now you’ve probably never gotten rid of your trouble-spot fat, no matter how much weight you lose.

Yet get this, there’s a safer and quicker exercise method that actually switches on fat burning right at a cellular level — even in your most stubborn fat cells!…

It’s not some gimmicky exercise “trend” or celebrity spot reduction workout.

In fact, the simple exercise solution below is based on solid science that specifically targets your most challenging trouble spots.

You see, your stubborn fat is controlled by something called adrenoreceptors on your fat cells…

Here’s the geeky version from the journal Obesity Research[…plain English version to follow…]:

The fat on women’s thighs is more difficult to mobilize due to increased alpha-2 adrenergic receptor activity induced by estrogen. Lipolysis [fat-loss] can be initiated through adipocyte receptor stimulation (beta adrenergic) or inhibition (adenosine or alpha-2 adrenergic) or by inhibition of phosphodiesterase.

Put simply, you’ve got two types of “adrenoreceptors” on your fat cells. Both react with the hormone adrenaline…

Your Beta receptors release fat from your cells…

Your Alpha receptors trap and store extra fat…

Now the bad news for women!…

You’ve got 9X more Alpha receptors than Beta receptors in your stubborn fat. And that’s why storing weight on those areas has NEVER been your fault…

My name is Sue Heintze. I’m a new mom in my 40s. And I’m known as Australia’s top body transformation specialist for women.

My early battles with my own stubborn lower-body fat forced me to perfect a system that specifically turns on your fat-burning Beta switch, and shuts down your fat-trapping Alpha switch. On the next page, you can hear my story, discover my complete system, and meet some of the thousands of women using it right now to achieve the bodies they deserve.

Once you master your own Beta switch, you’ll finally see what it’s like to enjoy noticeable weight loss each and every week on your thighs, hips, bum and the backs of your arms — without strict dieting or excessive exercise.

Yet before you keep reading, I feel I have to give you fair warning. Because what you’re about to discover probably goes against all the outdated weight loss advice you’ve heard or maybe even believed in the past.

So although the rest of the industry is ignoring the real reason you store fat on your lower body and the backs of your arms… Let’s get into the 3 steps you MUST use to immediately start fitting back into your skinny jeans…

The 3 steps below reveal the EXACT exercise strategy to activate your cellular Beta Switch — FORCING your body to release trapped female fat on your thighs, bum, hips and the backs of your arms — and quickly fit back into your skinny jeans…

Female Fat Elimination Trick #1:

STOP Your Body From “Trapping” More Stubborn Fat

Getting rid of your stubborn fat starts with something called fatty acid mobilization.

Simply put, that means you need to release the stored fat from your fat cells into your bloodstream.

For the best fat mobilization, you need to activate your Beta receptors, and inhibit your Alpha receptors.

However, the weight loss workouts you hear about from most “gurus” will actually leave your most stubborn fat trapped in your cells!… This is called the Fat Trap Syndrome.

You see, long and boring sessions on the treadmill, or spinning your wheels on an exercise bike, doesn’t pump enough adrenaline into your system to fire up the Beta receptors in your stubborn fat cells.

It’s fine for your “normal” fat, and you’ll probably lose some weight in all the areas that you always find easy to lose. Yet your stubborn fat cells, with up to 9 times more Alpha receptors, end up greedily holding on to their trapped fat!…

Female Fat Elimination Trick #2:

Strategically INCREASE Blood Flow To Your Stubborn Body Parts

In step 1, you learned you must first release your stubborn fat. Yet you still face a serious danger that could add extra pounds to your most frustrating trouble spots.

You MUST transport these free fatty acids to your muscles or other tissues to be used as fuel. This is called fatty acid circulation

However, another side effect of Alpha receptor dominance in your stubborn fat is a lack of blood flow. That means it’s harder to move fatty acids away from those areas.

Personally, when I exercise in cold weather, I can be hot and sweaty all over. But when I touch the tops of my thighs and my butt cheeks, they’re still cold — really cold! That’s a sure sign of a “stubborn fat zone” on your body!…

Now, the danger of low blood flow to your trouble spots is that any fatty acids you do release will simply be re-stored in exactly the same spot!

Yet there’s a super simple 2-minute routine you can do before you exercise to completely avoid this devastating Alpha Receptor cycle. It’s part of my complete stubborn-fat burning System I cover on the next page.

Female Fat Elimination Trick #3:

Prevent YOUR Body From Re-Storing Fat
(avoid “re-esterification”)

Listen, even if you manage to release fat from your trouble spots, and then transport it away to the rest of your body, you still have one last obstacle to securing permanent weight loss from your stubborn fat zones…

You need to burn that fat as fuel. This is called fatty acid oxidation.

If you don’t, you may even end up with instant rebound weight gain on your thighs, hips, bum and the backs of your arms!…

You see, fatty acids are being released from ALL OVER your body. If they are not used up, they will be re-stored somewhere…

Since you have 9X more fat-storing Alpha receptors on your stubborn fat, you will end up packing MORE fat into those areas after exercise.

After one session you wouldn’t notice it. But over days, weeks and months you’ll see your stubborn fat zones getting worse, even as you look like you’re slimming down everywhere else!

Believe me, I’ve experienced this personally, and witnessed it in hundreds of clients. Which is what forced me to perfect a SUPER simple way for you to avoid it called The Beta Switch system.

EVERY workout in The Beta Switch system has been designed to MOBILIZE the stubborn fat from your cells into the bloodstream, and then BURNING it off using strategic and appropriate exercise.

Together with The Beta Switch diet, it is the only science-based, safe, proven, and effective way to legitimately target your most embarrassing female trouble spot fat!…

Listen, I’m a busy mom running several businesses. On top of that, I’m a passionate figure competitor. So I don’t have time to mess around with long workouts and endless cardio sessions. Rest assured this is the most time-efficient way to quickly melt away your most frustrating fat zones! Yet…

Unfortunately, Your Body May Not Even
Be Ready For This Beta Switch Solution…

Truth is, popular marathon cardio workouts, the usual restrictive diets, boring treadmill sessions, and gimmicky pills, cleanses and potions actually make it harder to lose your most stubborn fat.

I know that’s hard to swallow, because the magazines and daytime TV have been feeding us these lies for years. However, if you still believe those outdated diet and workout tall tails, then you’re simply not ready for The Beta Switch yet.

However, if you’re ready for a science-based, safe and effective workout and diet system that actually means LESS time exercising, and allows you to truly enjoy your food and never feel deprived, then click on the “Next Page” button below, because The Beta Switch isn’t just another option for you, it’s the ONLY option…

The Beta Switch is the only system designed specifically for women, that works WITH your body to turn on your fat-burning Beta receptors, and turn off your fat-trapping Alpha receptors.

And a surefire way to finally fit back into your skinny jeans… Without strict dieting, excessive workouts, or ever feeling embarrassed again about your trouble spots.

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