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World Experts and Real People

All the world-leading health and disease-prevention experts are in one place within the series. Rest assured that none of these scientists and experts are being funded by food or big pharma companies, and their sole motivation is to help people re-claim their health by exposing nutritional and holistic medical truths.


Root Cause and Realistic Approach

Instead of just treating the symptoms and using synthetic pharmaceuticals to give a quick fix, discover how to identify and treat the underlying issue behind symptoms. Food, Health & You has been created with the purpose of making the transition to healthy living as easy and simply as possible. 


Easy To Watch Videos & Companion guides

To consolidate learning and encourage change the companion guides are like an episode workbook that will ensure change is taken.  Food, Health & You focus on real people who have fought and won against disease using nutrition. The advice and information is doable and easy to implement for everyone, young and old.

Learn How to Live Longer, and Prevent Diseases

Food, Health & You by Dr. Carl Bamlet and his team aims to uncover the truth about nutrition and how it can positively impact health and wellbeing. It features a series of modules that contain shocking revelations and valuable information to put you on the path to excellent, long-term health.This cutting-edge program is a Complete Implementation System for optimizing nutritional health. Learn the greatest threats to human health (and what to do about it) and discover how to heal from the inside with the right foods to supercharge the immune system.

Benefits of optimal nutrition


Reduced Risk of Disease & Decelerated Ageing

It has been proven that by changing what a person eats could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Certain foods have been linked towards a decrease in behavioural symptoms in Alzheimer and dementia sufferers and therefore significantly improve the quality of life of person and their family.


Boosted Mood, Reduced Anxiety & Optimal Metabolism

Study after study has shown the direct impact nutrition has on mental health. Improving nutrition can reduce the risk of obesity, boost energy which in turn can improve metabolism.


Less inflammation & overall wellbeing

Certain foods can cause inflammation in the body which can aggravate an underlying condition or trigger a flare in autoimmune disease. When families changed components of their diet to include more nutrient dense foods they saw an overall increase in wellbeing, reduced everyday sickness and better moods.

What is FOod, Health, & Complete Implementation System?

The Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System features a series of modules that contain shocking revelations and valuable information to help bring people on the path to excellent, long-term health. It shows exactly how to heal you from the inside with the right foods to supercharge the immune system.There are 8 episodes which cover topics such as sugar, gluten, stress, autoimmune disease, diabetes, cancer, fake sugar, and gut health. Each episode also contains interviews with world leading experts, survivors, and nutrition-as-medicine advocates.The Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System also features a companion guide, a transformational cookbook that’s family and beginner friendly, and a quick superfoods guide. There are also four extra episodes on topics such as soy, inflammation, depression and pharmaceuticals.

Learn How To Live Longer, Lose Weight, Prevent Disease, and Completely Heal Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Get the Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System and join the movement to treat the root cause of disease.

Watch the 1st episode free ‘ The Scary Truth About Sugar’

About This Episode

In this episode, you’ll discover the real reason why the so-called “expert” advice of eating less and exercising more is counterproductive from a nutritional standpoint. In fact, you’ll stand to gain even more weight and destroy your metabolism in the process!You’ll discover the reasons why Type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart illness, dementia, and obesity are increasing at a terrifying rate… and find out what really works when it comes to preventing these illnesses.

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