A new Italian study has shown how focusing on a rather unconventional body measurement may help men to anticipate high blood pressure risks.

And it’s probably not the body part you think it is.

The researchers looked at data on nearly 3,000 men who had sought treatment for sexual dysfunction. They began to notice that a link between those who were most likely to suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease, and this particular measurement.

It turns out that bigger testicles meant a greater likelihood of hypertension and heart disease! So, this is one instance where having extra cojones was not an advantage, except in the sense that it was offering men a rather stark warning.

It’s quite lucky that this measurement was part of the study, because otherwise it might have been missed. Another included measurement was for something called Luteinizing Hormone, which affects testosterone production.

Men with more LH had the largest testicles and the highest blood pressure.

It’s certainly an interesting finding, but further study is definitely needed.

Until they can shed more light on the subject, it’s best to keep your blood pressure within acceptable limits.

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