Making your own skin care recipes cannot only save your skin from ingesting tons of dangerous toxins, but can be fun AND cost effective! Women (and men) all over the world are loving the infinite possibilities to make SAFE and DELICIOUS concoctions to slather, smooth, exfoliate, moisturize their skin.

Once these recipes are made, we’re often asked, “How should I store them to keep them lasting?” Since specific types of plastic can infuse smells, toxins and take away from the effectiveness of the product, it’s important to use the right container for the correct product!

We’re going to share our 3 favorites for storing freshly made skincare products! 

Glass is our ultimate favorite. Besides being non-porous and a great protector of any ingredient, glass creates a beautiful look for your products! Glass won’t absorb any smells and it’s super easy to clean, and reuse! Find containers that have air tight sealed lids to prevent water and bacteria from entering and potentially ruining your DIY masterpiece!

Two of our favorites are here.

Stainless is also a great alternative, as long as there isn’t epoxy lining or epoxy on the seal- which will wreak havoc on your products. Stainless Steel 1 oz. shallow tin can with screw on lid is a great option for one time use products! Here’s one of the best!

Plastic can be used sparingly and when appropriate. Of the 7 major types of plastics (LDPE, PP, PVC, PS, HDPE, PET and Other), PET had one of the highest ratings in high permeability resistance and has had success in storing products with low levels or diluted essential oils. If it starts to show any signed of breaking down (leaking, shrinking, warping or changing color) it’s time to recycle it immediately!

Looking to quickly source bottles, jars and sprayers?

A favorite company of ours is Mountain Rose Herbs. They have a great amount of high quality glass and plastic bottles and tin jars.


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