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NASA proves this is the FIRST STEP to peak health → 

The emails/articles you see daily on how to lose weight and get in shape – all the tricks, supplements, and 3 mistakes to avoid – they can all sound exciting.

There seems to be some mythology still on the market that some odd secret, a hard-to-find ingredient in a supplement, or some weird diet trick can instantly deliver the body and health you want.

Mainly, that’s for emails, fake news, and fancy talk from pseudo-experts.

To get the body and health you desire, there’s no argument among professionals, among scientists, among academics — or anybody who is active in a serious way in better health — that focusing on a key element in your home or work is the key ‘First Step’ for getting the body and health you want.

I promise you – In two or three years, the pseudo-experts who email you daily will all be on this bandwagon.

However, right now, if you were an expert scientist at NASA, worked at the headquarters at Amazon, or were an elite athlete, you’d already be focusing on what I reveal on this page.

I’ll warn you it’s not a mystical discovery. It’s not something I only discovered with some crazy story, or trip up an ancient mountain. It’s a discovery backed with over thirty years of hard evidence, and it’s the new normal for getting the body and health you want.

In fact, I think the only reason you haven’t heard about it is because it is literally invisible.

I ask you to hold off your ideas about diet and exercise for better health and discover what professional experts now know and do.

Why for some people the best answer is “Screw Diet and Exercise to Advance your Health”

Discover The Surprising Connection Between Exhaustion, Lethargy, Weight Gain and The Air You Breathe

Have you ever suffered from nagging and unexplained fatigued, headaches, lethargy, mysterious weight problems or headaches and even migraines?

If yes, have you tried everything – including diets, exercises, countless doctors, acupuncture, alternative medicine, and the list goes on – to get relief?

Would you be surprised to hear that a recent poll of American found that even among folks sleeping 7-8 hours per night, 93% of people wake up feeling fatigued at least 3-4 days a week?

And as you’re about to discover, your nagging challenges may have nothing to do with your…

diet or your exercise. And a simple 10 second trick along with a few other easy to implement strategies outlined in The CO2 Health Crisis could start reversing ALL your symptoms in less than 20 Minutes. Let me explain…

All the symptoms described earlier are identical to those outlined in a groundbreaking yet little-known report released by the US Air Force. And as strange as this sounds, it turns out there’s strange link between these mysterious Chronic Fatigue-like symptoms and research into a certain Greenhouse Gas.

In other words. The air you are breathing right now could be making you fat, tired and sick!

The document reported that the majority of workplace buildings in the US had levels of this Greenhouse Gas high enough to effect up to 80% of workers with these same symptoms.

Have you guessed the Greenhouse Gas I’ve been talking about? You’ll be shocked…

It’s nothing more complicated than everyday Carbon Dioxide or CO2

However when you look into what’s happening it’s terribly frightening. If you consider our human evolution you’ll see we evolved to breathe an atmosphere with CO2 concentrations of about 300 parts per million (or ppm)…

Yet thanks to Greenhouse Gas emissions, even average OUTDOOR levels of CO2 are now over 400 ppm. But that’s just OUTDOOR levels. Get this…

I discovered “good” office building levels are in the range of 600-800 ppm if you’re lucky. And that it’s not uncommon for many buildings to be twice or three times those levels!….

While recent study by KPMG and Middlesex Universities found that even levels of CO2 in the 600 ppm range could reduce concentration by as much as 30 percent. At levels above 1,500 ppm 79% of people reported feeling lethargic.

Think about that number for a second… That’s almost 8 out of every 10 people feeling exhausted because of the air they’re breathing!

The US Air Force report warned that even at 600 ppm many people will suffer sleepiness, fatigued, poor concentration, and a sensation of stuffiness…

And we haven’t even started talking about the air you are breathing in modern houses.

Yet as I continued my research I discovered something even more shocking…

Danish researchers are now discovering how rising CO2 concentrations are making humans hungrier and fatter…

The researchers were surprised to see that both fat and thin people taking part in their studies over a 22-year period put on weight – and the increase was proportionately the same. The only consistent factor they could find across the entire group was rising CO2 levels…

Looking for a deeper explanation they stumbled on something called Orexins. These are a type of hormone in the brain that affect wakefulness and energy expenditure and they can be disrupted by high CO2 in your blood, and this can cause you to go to bed later, affecting your metabolism so it is easier for you to put on weight…

Worse… Orexins are also DIRECTLY involved in the stimulation of your hunger and food intake. Yep! it looks like science is now proving that CO2 makes you eat more…

And it doesn’t stop there. A Swiss study demonstrated signs of increased insulin resistance and waist-circumference in people exposed to poor air quality. Which means these folks had trouble storing nutrients in their muscles and other lean tissue. The science tells us that since the body needs to get rid of the sugar in the blood that results from eating, it quickly stores it as fat!…

I explain all this research and much more in a very easy to understand and quick to read book called The CO2 Health Crisis.

In the book I also lay out a simple plan you can start implementing today that will help you reclaim your energy and reboot your fat burning metabolism.

An as I mentioned, the first tip takes only 10 seconds or less and you’ll begin noticing the effects in under 20 minutes!

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