Chin Up and lose that double chin

​Fat can show up in the form of double chin and you may end up being ridiculed for carrying an extra face. Many of us might feel embarrassed too.

If you take it lightly then it might become part of your personality. Then your selfie just won’t look good anymore and you will start avoiding getting clicked. 

Lets face it the double chin will take some honest efforts from you, but at the end its you who will look like diva/dude. The ways suggested below can be your best way to get rid of that ugly double chin.

Double chin has become a sign of being overweight or being obese. It points towards the poor diet of the person. On the other hand, it is not always linked to the poor diet. There are some other causes of the double chin as well; including but not limited to genetic and health issues. So we should not ask silly questions to the person with the double chin.

Double Chin Problem

The double chin can be caused due to many reasons. There are some direct and indirect reasons for the double chin treatment. The direct causes included the accumulation of fat due to poor diet or lifestyle. The indirect causes include the other health issues with the body. Here, we will discuss the five health problems that may cause double chin.

5 Health Problems that May Cause Double Chin

In this part of the article, the five top health problems that may cause double chin is discussed;

Thyroid Trouble

We can develop some skin abnormalities due to a problem with the thyroid. The eyebrows may become thin at the end of the thyroid is not working well. Similarly, some person may develop double chin due to a poor working of the thyroid glands.

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Sinus Infections

Chronic sinusitis can cause the lymph nodes to swell because of the inflammation, which can give you a puffy face and neck in general.

Kidney Disorders

Any disorder in the kidney area may also cause a double chin like appearance. The problem is often treatable using a variety of techniques. Read this – 8 Golden rules to reduce the risk of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Cushing’s Syndrome

Double chin is also a symptom of the Cushing’s syndrome. This health condition is caused by the prolonged exposure to high cortisol.

Salivary Gland Inflammation

The salivary gland may go through infection and inflammation as well. Due to this, the jaw and facial area can also swell. The swelling appears just like the double chin.

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Use these DIY tips, and perform the exercises and thats it. We guarantee results to die for – 


– Gum

Exercise your facial muscles and keep them toned by chewing a gum, preferably sugar free. Workout your face muscles several times daily over the next 10 days. Chewing Gums also keep your teeth and gums healthy as well as strong, so it’s a win-win.

– Cocoa Butter Massage

Cocoa butter helps to improve elasticity of your skin. Massaging Cocoa Butter will reduce double chin considerably. 

Direction: Heat a tablespoon of cocoa butter. Gently massage your chin and nearby neck area for about 15 minutes clockwise and anti-clockwise as well. Do this daily before taking bath or before going to bed within 10 days your double chin will tighten up.

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– Wheat Germ Oil Massage

An effective way to reduce that double chin is massaging the chin and neck with wheat germ oil. Wheat Germ oil is rich in Vitamin E that helps in nourishing and tightening the skin. 

Direction: Apply the oil in an upward motion starting from your neck towards your double chin for 15 to 20 minutes before going to bed. Do this for 10 days.

– Egg White-Face Mask

If you aren’t having cocoa butter or wheat germ oil then you can use beat up Egg Whites to make a face mask. Egg whites are a more easily accessible remedy for your double chin. Egg White-Face masks made from egg whites, milk, lemon and honey can tighten your skin muscles. 

Direction: Carefully separate the egg white from 2 to 3 eggs. Mix it with a tablespoon of milk, honey, and lemon juice. Massage your chin and neck area and leave mixture to dry. After an hour remove it with lukewarm water.

– Increase Vitamin E Intake

When it comes to food for your skin one should definitely increase their intake of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is vital in maintaining the health of your skin and preventing it from sagging.

Green leafy vegetables, dairy products, legumes, nuts, seeds, beans and liver are rich in Vitamin E. You can also look out for Green Tea. If you take daily vitamin E supply you can easily get rid of that double chin.

– Drink Fat Burning Detox Red Tea

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– Quit Sugar

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An important aspect of your 10-day routine to reduce double chin is going to be Facial Exercises. These exercises help in stretching and tone up your double chin.

– Kiss the Sky

Tilt your head upwards and keep your eyes towards the direction of sky. Now hold your lips as tight as possible as if you are trying to kiss the sky. Hold yourself in this position for about 15 seconds and repeat 20 times. This exercise stretches most of the facial muscles including your jaw, throat, and neck. Make sure you are only moving your lips.

– Chin Up

Chin up is a popular double chin reduction exercise. Pull your lower lip as high as possible by pushing out your lower jaw. You’ll feel a slight strain on your jaw and chin muscles as you push out your jaw. Hold the lip and jaw in the position for 15 seconds and repeat 20 times. This exercise will not only help you lose your double chin but also give you a more prominent jaw line and high cheekbone structure to your face.

– Hum and breathe

There are two parts to this exercise. First close your lips and make chewing motion using your lower jaw. Now hum and count your breath. After 10 breaths stop to relax. In the second part, open your mouth and stick your tongue to the lower front teeth from front. Again hum and count for 10 breaths. Repeat both parts 20 times. This exercise will give you a great jawline and also reduce your double chin.

– Guppy

You can do this simple exercise any time of the day. Just suck in your cheeks and lips like a guppy or fish and try to smile. Hold the position for 10 seconds or until you feel the burn in your cheeks and jaws. Repeat 20 times. This is one of the best and fastest ways to burn excess fat on the chin and face.

– Neck Rotation

While standing, drop your chin forward to your chest and slowly rotate your head to the right. Hold the position for five seconds. Now, gently rotate your head back so that your chin is to your chest. Do the same to the left. Hold again for five seconds. Repeat this 15 times daily.

– Chin Slap

This is one of the easiest face workouts. With the back of your hand, gently slap underneath your chin and gradually increase your speed until it starts hurting. If it starts hurting, slow down but continue to slap your double chin for 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

– Smile

The best exercise however is to simply smile. Smiling helps in stretching the muscles of your cheek and chin and loosens the fat surrounding it.

3. Self care

Are you doing self-care correctly?

This is as an unusual recommendation but in my view its very relevant. In today’s world, when we are busy with our lives and our stress levels are way through the roof, simple self care routines can help you in more than one ways you can think off.

Practicing some self-care rituals daily can heal your hormonal imbalances, which in turn will lead to better weight loss and as a result you can expect your double chin to vanish. Well, disclaimer practising self-care has nothing to do about your double chin directly but indirect effects can be immense.

I’ve been seeing a lot of “self-care” posts around the internet lately. And I’m so happy to see that, as a culture, we’re starting to value taking care of ourselves.

But there is a lot of misinformation out there.

Now of course, if something works for you, I won’t tell you to stop. But let me just ask you…

Is your self-care plan truly energizing you?

Because that’s the point of self-care, isn’t it?

To RESTORE your physical, emotional and spiritual energy so you can be the BEST version of yourself.

That’s why I think a lot of self-care tips you see on Twitter or Instagram aren’t as helpful as the can be.  

Taking a break to do a mindless activity like Netflix is totally fine. We need breaks like that. BUT…

Effective, restorative self-care is intentional.

It’s not hard work, but it DOES go a step deeper then vegging out.

It’s the same reason sleep recharges us. Your brain doesn’t shut down, it actually does a lot of organizing and healing.

We need the same kind of intention and purpose when recharging our hearts.

So today, I’m sharing a comprehensive self-care plan, so you don’t have to scour the internet for self-care techniques that actually work.

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