In the middle of the day, when it’s been hours since you woke up but there is so much left of the day, it’s tempting to grab something sweet and stimulating.

But if you have high blood pressure, you know that stimulation will spike it on the spot. This could cause immediate stroke or heart attack.

Not worth it!

A new study, however, reveals a sweet treat that can boost your alertness and concentration, while dropping your blood pressure on the spot.

Although studies have shown that consuming dark chocolate regularly lowers blood pressure in the long haul, it has the drawback of spiking blood pressure for a short period after consuming it.

This is a shame since dark chocolate has also been proven to spike brain activity, which boosts alertness and concentration. Therefore, it could be the ideal snack during that midday low when you just need a little boost.

A research team from Northern Arizona University decided to add another ingredient to the 60% dark cacao chocolate, L-Theanine, a muscle relaxing ingredient found in green tea.

In the study, 122 participants were given this alternative chocolate and their EEG level and blood pressure was measured immediately afterward.

To the researcher’s joy, the participants eating L-Theanine-enhanced 60% cacao chocolate benefited from both increased alertness, as well as an immediate drop in blood pressure.

Now, the bad news is that L-Theanine chocolate is not on the market yet. But till then, you can simply grab a bite of 60% dark chocolate and swallow it down with a cup of green tea.

Best of both worlds!

Roar a complete cure of high blood pressure, you’ll probably need more than a piece of chocolate.

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