Knee pain can be an incredibly upsetting and distressing form of chronic pain. Unfortunately, we are completely reliant on our knees for almost everything we do, as they are the ‘hinge’ that allows us to walk and as they are constantly forced to bear the entire weight of our bodies. While a bad wrist might be very painful, this is something that you at least won’t have to use all the time, but your knee you will have to endure every time you stand up or walk.

And of course, like many things, this is a common issue that will often crop up as we get older. So what do you do?

Knee Pain: Know Your Options

One option is to get a knee replacement. This will replace your knee joint with a completely new one that has been crafted for you. However, it is of course better to avoid getting a knee replacement unless it is entirely necessary, and many people will prefer to try and put off this option for as long as possible by using various management techniques.

And there are many ways you can manage knee pain and help to limit it. Here we will look at a few options.


Pain killers are highly useful for any chronic pain which of course applies to knee pain too. Blood thinning pain killers such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen may also be particularly useful, as these can help to reduce swelling and the discomfort and damage that this can cause.


Other medications can also help to reduce your discomfort. For instance if you have arthritis in your joint or if this is a complicating factor, then you might be able to benefit from various medications to help reduce it.


Orthotics are particular inserts for your shoes which can help to alter your stance slightly and take the pressure off of your knees as a result. Depending on the nature of your knee pain these can be quite effective in helping to reduce it.


Exercises given to you by a physiotherapist or chiropractor etc can be highly useful for allowing you to improve mobility and easy pain. At the same time, in some cases strengthening the muscles and ligaments around the knee joint can also reduce the discomfort. This can be achieved in some cases by using shoes designed to make walking more difficult and thereby force you to develop supportive muscles that will reduce the pain.

Supplements and Diet:

Your diet can have a big impact on the health of your knees. Certain amino acids and minerals for instance can help you to actually strengthen and repair the tissue that surrounds and makes up your knee, and at the same time your essential fatty acids may help to lubricate the joints.


Resting a bad knee is very important and the less you use it the more you can slow down the deterioration of bone and cartilage. Generally avoid unnecessary exertion, and use a walking stick if necessary to take the weight off when you do use it.


There are several supports you can get for your knee that will help you to avoid discomfort and further injury. A tube grip around the joint on its own for instance can be enough to lend you basic support, or you might benefit from a more specific form of support such as a patella strap.



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